HUACAM HCV712 (HD 720p PoE IP Camera)

Step 1. Prepare, you will need: 0. a router (cable modem, or other similar device) with at least one free LAN port (Internet) 1. HUACAM HCV712 IP Camera 2. PoE Injector or PoE Switch or PoE Router (to power the camera) 3. Two RJ45 Cat5e Ethernet Cables Step 2. Connect: 1. connect the first RJ45 cable to your Internet connection (ex. Router LAN port) 1.1 connect the other end to the PoE injector (or PoE Switch). If your router has a PoE LAN port, you can skip this step 2. connect the second RJ45 cable to the PoE injector output (Power+Data OUT) 2.1 connect the other end to the HUACAM HCV712 IP Camera Step 3. Access Setup: 1. Open Terminal and type in: arp -na 2. try to locate the IP address and when found, access it via any web browser. Ex. 3. Click on Configuration (user and pass is admin/admin)